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Live 2 Explore Travels LLC was founded in 2019 due to my love for travel. I thrive on experiencing the most exciting, cultural, and memory-making vacations with budget in mind. So, as your passionate and professional travel agent, be assured that I specialize in finding the best deals.  Whether planning a destination vacation or a trip around the world, I’ve covered it all. Whatever your travel needs are, I’m here to help.

Feel free to contact me directly if you don't know exactly where to start.

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From One Customer to Another

Working with Kelsey was such a pleasure.  She as able to match my travel needs with the right location.  I appreciated her patience with me during the travel process.

Lisa C.

Kelsey books all my travel needs.  She is extremely flexible in travel planning.  Whether it is for a domestic flight or a full international experience, Kelsey goes above and beyond.

Robert H.

Excellent customer service with outstanding prices. Very accomodating. You cannot go wrong with Live 2 Explore Travels LLC.

Peter G.

Useful Information

At Live 2 Explore Travels LLC, I go above and beyond in order to keep my travelers’ travel needs and expectations in check. No matter how confident they feel, travelers should always read through my free collection of resources before going on any trips. Review my reliable information on airports, packing, weather, destination news, and more!

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